3M Outdoor Power Equipment & Lawn Maintenance

Motion offers an array of outdoor power equipment and lawn maintenance options for your facility maintenance needs. Choose from canopies and tarps; chain saws; garden hoses and nozzles; herbicides; lawn carts, wheelbarrows, and accessories; leaf blowers; outdoor pumps, sprayers, and accessories; pressure washers and accessories; snow and ice removal; and trimmers.

Looking for outdoor power equipment to safely use in outdoor environments and various weather conditions? Whether you want a chain saw, pressure washer, leaf blower, or something else entirely, you can find it all here at Motion.

What is Outdoor Power Equipment?

Outdoor power equipment is a term used for all sorts of powerful tools, devices, and items that are designed to be used in outdoor settings. These items are typically built with strong, high-grade materials so that they can cope with the elements and changing weather conditions of outdoor spaces. Such items include leaf blowers, chain saws, garden hoses, garden tools, leaf blowers, pressure washers, and trimmers.

What is Outdoor Power Equipment Used for?

There are many different forms of outdoor power equipment, and each piece of outdoor power equipment has its own uses and purposes. A chain saw, for example, can be used to cut through thick tree branches and other strong, large items, while a leaf blower may be used by a homeowner to clear away leaves and debris from their yard. Pressure washers, meanwhile, are used for high-intensity cleaning of decks and patios, while hoses can be used for lawn and garden maintenance.

The Best Outdoor Power Equipment

No matter what kind of outdoor power equipment you’re looking for, you’ll find the best products at Motion, including:

  • Chain Saws - Strong and sturdy chain saws that can cut through even the thickest trees.
  • Hoses – Hoses in various lengths and sizes to suit various yards and lawn spaces.
  • Garden Tools - Including the likes of mowers, trimmers, and leaf blowers.

Buy Outdoor Power Equipment Online

Motion is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial goods, tools, and home supplies, so you can count on us to deliver the products you need at the prices that you want. Take a look through our full range of outdoor power supplies and place your order today.

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