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Motion offers an assortment of pest control products for your facility maintenance needs. Browse through a selection of insecticides, rodent poison, insect bait, electronic pest control, and much more.

Looking for pest control and animal control products to keep pests and critters away? If so, you can find everything you need and more at Motion, including electronic pest controls, insecticides, and rodent poison.

What are Pest Control Products?

Pest control products are any products that are used to control, repel, or get rid of animals or insects that are considered to be pests. These products may include electronic pest control devices that emit certain soundwaves to keep certain creatures away, as well as chemical products like insecticides and poisons to kill the likes of rats, birds, and bugs. These items can be very important for both homeowners and businesses when dealing with pest infestations.

What are Pest Control Products Used for?

As the name suggests, pest control products are used to control or get rid of pests. Some of these products may work to simply repel the pests and keep them away from a certain area or building, while others may be more direct in their functionality and actually kill the pests so that there is no risk of them returning in the future. Each pest control product is different and it’s up to the user to decide on the appropriate measure to deal with their pest problem.

The Best Pest Control Supplies

Choose Motion for your next order and get the best quality pest control products, like:

  • Electronic Pest Controls - These are devices that use electronic energy in order to repel pests.
  • Insect Bait – Bait products are designed to attract insects and then poison them to get rid of colonies and hives.
  • Insecticides - Used to poison and kill insects of various kinds.
  • Poison – Including rat, bird, and other animal poisons.

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